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Brandon-COPsync Congratulates Massachusetts Governor Elect
Charlie Baker & Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor Elect Karyn Polito

On Tuesday, October 21st, 2014, Brandon-COPsync hosted a major fundraising campaign reception for Charlie Baker and Karyn Polito. Don Flanagan, CEO of Brandon-COPsync, introduced both Charlie and Karyn to more than sixty Massachusetts business leaders at the Brandon-COPsync headquarters in Danvers. Don, who is a close personal friend of both Charlie and Karyn, remarked, “Charlie and Karyn will provide what Massachusetts desperately needs: leadership, accountability and management. I am honored to be part of the change of state that Charlie and Karyn will bring.

– Sheriff Cousins

– Brandon Flanagan, Governor Elect
05Charlie Baker and Don Flanagan

– Lieutenant Governor Elect Karyn Polito and Don Flanagan

– Governor Elect Charlie Baker and Eva Montibello

– Lieutenant Governor Elect Karyn Polito,
Jim Steenbruggen, and John Steenbruggen

– Kim Sielicki, Chief Mike Sielicki and
Governor Elect Charlie Baker

– Brian Gauthier, Kim Sielicki, Chief Mike Sielicki and
Governor Elect Charlie Baker

– Don Flanagan, Governor Elect Charlie Baker and
Joe DiNanno

– Lieutenant Governor Elect Karyn Polito, Brandon Flanagan
and Rachel Flanagan

– Reception for Governor Elect Charlie Baker and
Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito at the Brandon-COPsync headquarters

– Brian Gauthier, Kim Sielicki, Chief Mike Sielicki and
Governor Elect Charlie Baker

– Lieutenant Governor Elect Karyn Polito and Brandon Flanagan

– Lieutenant Governor Elect Karyn Polito and Sheriff Cousins

COPsync 911 lands center stage during the New Hampshire Gubernatorial Debate on NH-1 News Network WBIN

Brandon-COPsync, LLC. has researched and compiled a listing of school incidents (nationwide) from January 1st, 2014 through October 14th, 2014. The source of the school incident listing was collected via Google News.


TRANSYLVANIA COUNTY, N.C. -- A mountain sheriff is looking to add another layer of security in public schools.

Every school in Transylvania County has a resource officer, but Sheriff David Mahoney is proposing installing COPSync 911: a computer software system that would create a direct line of communication between educators and first responders.

Sheriff Mahoney says if a teacher spots an armed intruder in the school they can click on the "COPSync 911" app located on their computer or mobile device.

Within seconds dispatchers and officers will get an alert.

The Board of Education and County Commissioners will have to approve the system before it can be installed.

NH Using Revolutionary School Safety Software

Londonderry, New Hampshire, Police say a new software system called CopSync911 is a game changer in school safety by creating a direct line of communication between educators and first responders.

By Katherine Underwood

Tuesday, Sep 23, 2014 • Updated at 5:29 PM EDT

Londonderry, New Hampshire, Police say a new software system called CopSync911 is a game changer in school safety by creating a direct line of communication between educators and first responders.

New Hampshire is the first state in the country to work on getting the software into schools statewide.

On Tuesday, Governor Maggie Hassan and law enforcement leaders launched CopSync911 in Londonderry at its six schools and in 14 police cruisers.

"It's one of the tools we have in our belt and let's hope to God we don't have to use it," said former Kensington Police Chief Michael Sielicki.

Freshman Sara Valeli from Hooksett had a choice of several different high schools, but chose Londonderry for one very good reason.

"Because I felt safe," she told NECN.

Valeli and her classmates remember the tragedy in Sandy Hook and know how quickly things can go wrong.

"It's always a lurking presence," said Londonderry senior Alex Young.

Valeli agreed, saying, "It's something we have to keep in the back of our head."

With the new software, if a teacher noticed an armed intruder in the hallway, they can simply double click the CopSync911 shield icon on their computer or mobile device.

Within seconds, local and county dispatchers and the five closest police officers will get the alert along with critical information about the location of the threat. Dispatchers and officers will be able to access school floor plans and a map of the area.

A chat room allows teachers to exchange real-time information with dispatcher who will help guide the officers as safely as possible.

According to the Executive Vice President of CopSync, Brandon Flanagan, the system cuts response time from the national average of two to three minutes down to seconds.

"We're going to save lives in the meantime and that's the ultimate goal of CopSync911," Flanagan said.

The software also works in the reverse direction. So, if there is an armed robbery near a school, police can notify school leaders to go into lockdown with a CopSync911 alert. Londonderry Police Chief Bill Hart says this is a new era in school safety.

"The bottom line is it makes kids safer in our community," Chief Hart said.

One small icon that police say should make parents rest easier and kids concentrate harder. "It just gives us peace of mind knowing there will always be someone, a police officer, there for us," Valeli said.

CopSync911 is already being used in 100 districts and agencies across the Northeast.

Flanagan says there are close to 40 applications from districts and agencies in NH working to implement the program.

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September 11th, 2014

The Brandon-COPsync Team is Fast and Furious in September 2014

The Brandon-COPsync sales team has a fully loaded September schedule:

-High priority meeting in Pennsylvania with the State Director of School Safety (9/16/2014)

-New England Association of School Superintendents (9/18/14-9/19/2014) in Portland, ME

-New England Association of Chiefs of Police 89th Annual Conference (9/21/14-9/24/14) in Plymouth, MA

-Major media announcement on 9/23/14 at 9:00am (details to follow)

-High level meeting in Washington, DC with the United States Department of Homeland Security (9/22/2014)

-High priority meetings in West Virginia (9/26/14)

September 8th, 2014

2014 VACP/VPCF Annual Conference

Brandon-COPsync's Southeast Regional Sales Director, Keith Enright and Chief Strategic Officer, Chief Michael Sielicki (Ret.) at the 2014 Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police Annual Conference in Roanoke.

September 8th, 2014

COPsync 911 Featured on WSLS 10 Virginia

911 alert system to protect students could be coming to Bedford Co.

By Katie Love, Reporter

WSLS 10 NBC in Roanoke/Lynchburg Va

BEDFORD COUNTY (WSLS) - The Bedford County Sheriff's Office may be the first agency in the state to get new technology that could save students' lives during an emergency. The cutting-edge technology is called 'COPSync911.' It allows school teachers and staff to trigger an emergency alert on a computer or phone and communicate with the nearest deputies, the 911 dispatch center, and all of the other employees at the school. The developers say the alert is received within four seconds. The sheriff's office applied for an $83,000 dollar grant through the Virginia Department of Emergency Management to pay for the system. "It doesn't necessarily have to be a gunman, but that's our biggest fear given the history of school shootings. So we think it's the best way to protect everyone and all the children," Bedford County Sheriff's Office grant writer Robin Sundquist said. Major Ricky Gardner said another big advantage is the sheriff's office can also send alerts to the school as well.. "Let's say there was a bank robbery or someone breaking into the area of the school and we needed that school locked down. Our dispatch center would have the capability of having a text message sent to the school," Major Ricky Gardner said. The sheriff's department expects to hear about the grant decision in October.

September 4th, 2014

Brandon-COPsync to attend the 2014 VACP/VPCF Annual Conference

The Brandon-COPsync team will soon be heading to Virginia to attend the 2014 VACP/VPCF Annual Conference on Monday
September 8th. Keep an eye out for photos!

Brandon-COPsync Featured in 9-1-1 Magazine

COPsync911 Solution: Nation’s Only Real-Time Threat Alert & Notifications System

(Read this article in 9-1-1 Magazine)

Date: 2014-08-22

In light of the rise of school shootings, concerned parents and law enforcement responders alike are finding find some comfort in a revolutionary school safety technology.  Now being deployed throughout the United States is a state-of-the-art, real-time information technology solution for law enforcement and school safety.

In September of 2013, a Boston based company, Brandon-COPsync, LLC launched a software platform called COPsync 911 (CS911).  For the first time, schools and law enforcement will have a real time emergency notification system which immediately connects school officials under threat to the closest law enforcement officers.

COPsync911 empowers law enforcement personnel with the latest, most powerful and innovative technology solutions. These solutions include providing law enforcement and schools with real-time information, communication and reduced response time.

In the event of a threat, school administrators or faculty can activate CS911 by clicking on an icon, which sends an instant alert to the five closest law enforcement officers (regardless of jurisdiction).  Arriving as an instant message, a COPsync911 alert instantly provides a direct line of communication, along with the school’s address, the school room number, a display of the school’s blueprint and the name of person who sent the alert.  The officer who receives the alert can then head directly to the school, dramatically reducing response time.

“COPsync911 empowers every school staff member to call for help immediately when an emergency arises using their class room desktop or mobile device,” said Chief John Scippa of the Stratham, NH Police Department. “This powerful technology offers the ability for real time reporting of a problem to the school campus, emergency dispatchers and emergency responders. Further, the technology allows for continuous, real time, two way communication between the school staff, emergency dispatchers, and emergency responders. COPsync911 is the answer for providing every school staff member immediate accessibility to initiate a call for help, initiate lock down of the building and specifically communicate the problem directly to dispatchers and emergency responders.”

For more information, see

- Product Profiles / (via Brandon-COPsync, LLC, 8/20/14)

August 25th, 2014

Brandon-COPsync Quick News

Brandon-COPsync is pleased to announce Keith Enright as its Southeast Sales Director. Mr. Enright brings Brandon-COPsync over 20 years of professional policing and school safety experience. Mr. Enright served a state police officer, school resource officer and was honorably discharged from the United States Coast Guard. More details to follow.

July 31st, 2014

Chief Sielicki Interviews with WMUR Channel 9 New Hampshire

Kensington police chief reflects on highs, lows of career

Watch the interview here

KENSINGTON, N.H. —Kensington's police chief is reflecting on a long career as he prepares to retire Thursday. Chief Mike Sielicki is getting ready to hang up his badge, saying he has had an incredibly fulfilling job working as a small-town police chief.

"I'm an everyday cop in New Hampshire that likes to go out, work with the people, stop cars, go to the school, join organizations and work and help people in the community," he said. "That's what we do here."

Sielicki moved up the ranks in Colebrook, where he became chief in 1993. He was the chief in Hancock and Rindge before arriving in Kensington.

"Around the country, they call it community policing," he said. "Around New Hampshire, it's everyday police work."

Sielicki retires Thursday and said he has seen the best and the worst of what even the smallest towns can't escape. He was chief in Colebrook on Aug. 19, 1997, when gunman Carl Drega went on a rampage. Drega killed four people, including two officers, and wounded four others.

"I lost great friends," Sielicki said. "It left a scar on that community forever."

Police chiefs are often close to each other, and Sielicki said he was close to Greenland's Mike Maloney, who was shot and killed eight days before he was due to retire.

"It's sad that Mike won't be here for mine," Sielicki said.

Sielicki said the good has outweighed the tragedy.

"The triumphs are hiring a young officer, seeing him go through his career and make a chief," he said.

Sielicki has also mentored youngsters in the community who grow up and still keep in touch.

"You can't beat that," he said.

July 29th, 2014

For Immediate Release

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Secretary, Jen Johnson, today announced that more than $1.6 Billion in allocations for FY 2014 DHS preparedness grant programs.

The Emergency Management Performance Grants (EMPG) Program provides over $350 Million to assist local, tribal, territorial and state governments in enhancing and sustaining all hazards emergency management capabilities.

According to Brandon-COPsync, LLC. CEO Don Flanagan, “the (EMPG) program will help ensure that our nation’s law enforcement officers, children, and school administrators have funding available for the COPsync 911 real-time threat alert and emergency notification software system.”

For more information please contact Dane Parker (

July 27th, 2014

Interview with WSAV Channel 3 in Savannah, GA

While attending the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police Summer Training Conference, Chief Strategy Officer of Brandon-COPsync, Chief Michael Sielicki (Ret.) conducted a live interview with WSAV Channel 3 in Savannah, GA regarding COPsync 911.

Protecting Our Children in School


When it comes to our children, every parent wants to rest comfortably in the knowledge that they're safe at school.

But recent trends of horrific school shootings and other emergencies have forced the school district and law enforcement to change their strategies.

Recent studies show the faster law enforcement agencies show up to the scene of a crime, the faster it's mitigated.

The Savannah-Chatham Public School District currently uses a dual e-mail and phone call system to quickly alert parents during an emergency, but how can schools quickly alert law enforcement and get them there quickly?

The makers of CopSync 911 think their system is the answer.

To use CopSync, once anyone inside or outside the school with access to the program recognizes a threat, they can click an icon and within seconds, the five officers - regardless of agency affiliation - are signaled to make their way to the school.

But it isn't free, CopSync 911 costs $2,400 per school for the first year and $1,200 each year after that.  Plus an additional fee for each police cruiser and dispatch center it's installed in.

The Savannah-Catham School District has not considered using the system, but say they're willing to learn more about it.

July 22nd, 2014

Great Things Happening at Brandon-COPsync!

Chief Parker and Chief Sielicki will be attending the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police Summer Training Conference in Savannah, GA July 27-July 30!

After the conference our team will be meeting with Police Chiefs and School Superintendents in Pennsylvania, Virginia and New Hampshire!

In other news, Brandon-COPsync plans to open a fulltime west coast office in August! This office will be managed and operated by the Brandon-COPsync west coast Sales Manager. More details to follow!

July 22nd, 2014

COPsync Mentioned in Wicked Local!!

Saugus school alert system synchs with police

By Mike Gaffney
July 18. 2014 8:00AM


The Saugus Police Department is partnering with the schools to implement new technology that allows teachers or students to send emergency alerts to law enforcement personnel with a click of a button.

When classes start this fall Police Chief Domenic DiMella expects the COPsync crisis communication emergency alert service to be up-and-running at each of the district’s schools.

Integrating the COPsync technology on computers and cell phones allows people inside the schools to send a distress alert that is immediately communicated to police officers.

By using the COPsync interface, these alerts trigger an interactive communication portal between the sender, computers on police cruisers and the 911 dispatch center that allow the parties to share pertinent information about the nature of the threat to the school.

Officers receiving the alerts can click on hyperlinks in the communication portal that provide an aerial view of the school — with entrances, doors, directional coordinates, adjacent streets and roof egress clearly marked — as well as detailed diagrams of the building’s interior.

Saugus Police Det. John Daigle, DiMella and Assistant Chief Ronald Giorgetti illustrated how the system works during a presentation at the Public Safety Building last week.

Daigle explained that the alert goes out to officers, teachers, and other school staff that subscribe to the COPsync network. They can even access the program on their cell phones.

Once the interactive window pops up, the parties can communicate to each other in real time about anything pertaining to the present threat.

"You don’t have to go through dispatch and information can be relayed in an instant," Daigle said.

DiMella told the Advertiser COPsync could prove a valuable asset by providing officers real-time information in the event of a school shooter. He added that the links to the exterior/interior building schematics are a major benefit for out-of-town police departments called to an emergency that aren’t familiar with the schools.

Giorgetti said COPsync gives law enforcement an additional avenue to communicate in the event of a school shooting, when cell phones frequently get jammed as a result of excessive use.

Through the COPsync network emergency responders can pull up information on the entire high school layout or narrow their focus to individual classrooms. Each room is labeled with a letter to improve lines of communication.

Giorgetti said the Police Department is in the process of creating updated hyperlinks for each of the town’s schools. School employees will also be trained on how to send the alerts and to communicate on the interactive portal with officers en route to the scene.

The School Department will spend $17,800 over two years to implement the COPsync network in the schools, with the Police Department allocating $1,400 in its budget.

Superintendent of Schools Michael Tempesta said the ability to create a closed network so school personnel can send alerts and communicate with police provides peace of mind.

"We think it’s a great program for us," Tempesta said.

School shootings have demonstrated the need for faster response times and smooth communication between law enforcement personnel, DiMella said. He views COPsync as an important resource for police officers to better protect school communities in the event of a tragedy.

"There have been school shootings across the country and we want to be prepared if that happens here," DiMella said. "This is a great tool to get real-time information, to get officers on the scene as quickly as possible and to help them locate the threat and eliminate the threat."

July 14th, 2014

The Brandon-COPsync team is attending the
Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association Centennial Conference today!


July 10th, 2014

Sheriff Frank G. Cousins, Jr. Visits the Brandon-COPsync Corporate Office!

Today we had the pleasure of a visit to our corporate headquarters in Danvers, MA by Sheriff Frank G. Cousins, Jr.!

July 9th, 2014

Brandon-COPsync, LLC Awarded Major Contract in Northern New Jersey

Brandon-COPsync, LLC has been awarded a major in-car video camera contract in Northern New Jersey! More information coming soon!

June 30th, 2014

Chief Sielicki Joins Brandon-COPsync, LLC

Danvers, MA – Brandon-COPsync CEO, Don Flanagan, announced today that Chief Michael Sielicki (former President of NH Chiefs of Police and Police Chief of Kensington, NH) has joined the company as its Chief Strategic Officer (CSO).  Chief Sielicki, according to Flanagan, “is a 21 year law enforcement executive who often worked on the front line and brings a level of professionalism and credibility that is second to none.”  More to come as the story develops.

June 24th, 2014

2014 National Sheriffs' Association Annual Conference and Exhibition

The Brandon-COPsync team is set up at the 2014 National Sheriffs' Association Annual Conference and Exhibition in Fort Worth, Texas!

June 17th, 2014

Attention New Hampshire Agencies:

Visit the HSEM website to access the Brandon-COPsync 911 School Emergency Notification System Grant Application:

June 13th, 2014

Brandon COPsync Team will be Attending the Following Confrences:

National Sheriffs' Association Annual Conference - Fort Worth, TX (June 20-25, 2014)

27th Annual Police Security Expo- Atlantic City, NJ (June 24-25, 2014)

June 10th, 2014

School Emergency Alerts Technology Initiative

June 9th, 2014

Brandon COPsync Exhibits at the 4th Annual New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police Public Safety Trade Show

From left to right: Chief Mike Sielicki (President NH Chiefs of Police), Dom McDougall (Brandon COPsync Director of Security),Brandon Flanagan (Brandon COPsync Executive Vice President), Don Flanagan (Brandon COPsync CEO), Chief Dane Parker Ret. (National Sales Director), AJ Roberto (Brandon COPsync Special Projects).

March 25th, 2014

Brandon COPsync, LLC and COPsync911 Featured on WCBS New York Investigative Report

Danvers – This week, Brandon-COPsync, LLC and the COPsync911 platform was featured on Channel 2 in New York City.

For more information, please contact Richard Gould at or 888-702-6776 x212

March 24th, 2014

Brandon-COPsync, LLC and the Town of Saugus Featured on WBZ-Channel 4 “Eye on Education” with Paula Ebben

Danvers – On March 24, 2014, WBZ-Channel 4 Boston featured COPsync911 in their weekly “Eye on Education” segment with Paula Ebben. Saugus Police Chief Dominec DeMella and Saugus Superintendent Michael Tempesta spoke on how COPsync911 will be beneficial for the safety of the children and teachers throughout their community.
Executive Vice President, Brandon Flanagan said “We are excited at the opportunity to work with Chief DiMella and Superintendent Tempesta to ensure their schools are kept safe. Keeping children and the community safe is the priority and we are happy to assist the Town of Saugus any way we possibly can. ”

Nationally introduced and released in September of 2013, COPsync911 is a school safety tool that is a “real time threat alert system” which immediately connects school officials, under a potential threat, to the five closest law enforcement officers. If under a potential threat, school faculty or administrators initiates a direct, real-time connection with law enforcement officers closest to the threat location, minimizing response time.

For more information, please contact Richard Gould at or 888-702-6776 x212


March 20th, 2014

Brandon-COPsync, LLC Announces Stephen Potischman as its New England Sales Manager for COPsync911

Brandon-COPsync, LLC is pleased to announce Stephen Potischman as its New England Sales Manager for COPsync911 - Real-time Threat Alert System.

Mr. Potischman, a seasoned Sales Executive, will bring to Brandon-COPsync key account capture, marketing expertise and strategic sales management.

Mr. Potischman is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA-BA and received his MBA from Northeastern University, Boston, MA.

February 18th, 2014

Massachusetts School Safety Task Force to Begin Public Hearings

On January 16, 2014, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick signed an executive order establishing a cross-secretariat task force on school security and safety in front of parents, educators, public safety and public health officials at the A.C. Whalen Elementary School in Revere, Massachusetts.

The task force is chaired by Education Secretary Matthew Malone, Public Safety Secretary Andrea Cabral and Health and Human Services Secretary John Polanowicz. The secretaries will coordinate to address issues relating to school safety in the Commonwealth.  The task force includes representatives from education, police and the legislature; including members from the School Building Authority, the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, the State Police, the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association, the Department of Public Safety and the assistant secretary for children, youth and families.
According to the Executive Order signed by Governor Patrick, the task force will:

  • Develop recommendations for local schools to assist them in preparing and/or updating school safety plans

  • Propose school site safety and security assessment protocols and procedures.

  • Recommend specific school site safety improvements that individual schools could adopt

  • Draft school-based safety training and exercise program recommendations for school staff and administrators

  • Develop a possible request of capital funds for infrastructure improvements and training of school personnel and students to respond to emergency incidents, possibly through a grant program

In an article written by the State House News Service, Gov. Patrick said, “By fostering collaboration among schools, district leadership, public safety and public health officials, community organizations and school building authority officials, we will develop a plan for creating safer school structures, safer school environments and more comprehensive training programs and protocols for response should emergencies happen.”
The Massachusetts School Safety task force will be holding public meetings within the coming months. The first public meeting will be held in Worcester on February 25 and the members will present their recommendations before the start of the 2014-2015 school year.

To view the Executive Order, follow the link to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts website;

February 17th, 2014

Brandon-COPsync and SecureWatch 24 Enter Into Reseller/Partnership Agreement

Secure Watch 24 "SW24" and Brandon-COPsync, LLC have executed a reseller / partnership agreement. "SW24" is a privately held, full Security Company founded by Veteran Law Enforcement professionals. The "SW24" team represents a unique marriage between diversely experienced veteran law enforcement professionals and the most contemporary Security Technologies available for today's law enforcement challenges. John Colgan, Executive VP/Chief Compliance Officer for "SW24" and a veteran of the NYPD who retired in 2008 at the rank of Assistant Chief, commented: "Partnering with Brandon-COPsync, LLC provides "SW24" with leading edge technology and real time Information Management Solutions designed to support and enhance safety for our law enforcement officers".

About Brandon-COPsync: Brandon-COPsync is an emerging growth, law enforcement technology solutions company, providing best in class technology and real-time information management.

For more information contact:

Brandon Flanagan EVP Business Development

February 11th, 2014

The Brandon-COPsync's Team Geared Up for 2014!

The Brandon-COPsync sales team is geared up and on the road again for 2014.

The Maine's Chiefs of Police Association 2014 Winter Meeting and Vendor show was held on (Feb 5th, 2014 - Feb 7th, 2014) in South Portland, Maine. Brandon COPsync's Sales Team led by Executive Vice President, Brandon Flanagan who showcased the VIDTAC (ICV) and COPsync911 solutions. For further information contact Brandon Flanagan EVP Sales:


Cailfornia Police Chief's Association 37th Annual Training Symposium and Trade Show (Feb 23rd, 2014 - Feb 27th, 2014) Monterey, CA. For further information contact Laddie McCabe:


New York State Sheriff's Association Annual Winter Training Conference (Feb 16th, 2014 - Feb 19th, 2014) at The Desmond in Albany, NY.